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Twenty-eight years ago me and my horrible hair graduated @sunyplattsburgh, thanks to the mentorship of Professor David Mowry. We lost him yesterday. Read my very emotional tribute to him at #philosophy #collegife Hi listeners! Do you want to see our host Jack Russell Weinstein (@diasporajack) in person as he deejays fun and exciting music? Come down to @ojatadogmahal records this Saturday for the fourth installment of Ska and Waffles! Rehearsing for Tuesday night! Want to hear #Klezmer music live? Come to Why? Radio’s 10th anniversary party, Tuesday at 6:30. Details at @prairiepublic @diasporajack @empireartscenter Above two folds! Thanks @gfherald @prairiepublic ❓📩❓📩❓📩❓📩❓📩
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Join the party for food, an interview with legendary Jazz flutist Mark Weinstein, and live Klezmer music! All for free!

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Award winning Jazz Flutist Mark Weinstein plays World Jazz and Straight-Ahead with world-class musicians rooted in the music of Cuba, Brazil, Africa, Argentina and his Jewish heritage. A Latin Jazz innovator, Mark was among the first jazz musicians to record with traditional Cuban rhythm sections in an epic album, Cuban Roots, released in 1967 with Chick Corea on piano. He also has a Ph.D. in philosophy and is a professor of Education at Montclair State University, in New Jersey. His music is the soundtrack to Why? Radio. You can learn more about him at 
Stay after the recording for a live concert, as Mark joins the Balkansi Klezmer Band for a jazz-infused exploration of the classic Jewish folk music, Klezmer. Balkansi is an ensemble based in Grand Forks that specializes in traditional music from one of the richest and most diverse musical regions in the world. The members of the band include Tamara Auer on violin, Haley Ellis on clarinet, Edward Morris on guitar, Zephaniah Pearlstein on cello, Michael Ferrick on bass, Rachel Agan Muniz on percussion.

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What is Philosophy?


I had occasion today to watch about a half hour of CNN. I very rarely watch television and almost never see the cable news networks (except for the clips on The Daily Show, which I watch online). So, frankly, I found it shocking. Not because of bias or hostility — this was the headline news stuff — but because of the utter lack of news in the programming of the supposed news channel. There was talk about Tiger Woods and his (ex?) wife, there were discussions of the mother of John Edwards’s out-of-wedlock child (and feigned shock at some photos she posed for in GQ magazine), there was a mention of Corey Haim’s death, and a lot of stuff about the weather. There was a several-minute story about economic recovery in Alabama that said absolutely nothing and a brief mention in passing of Obama’s desire to rethink No Child Left Behind, but there was no mention of the two wars we are in, no mention of the battle for health care reform, and no detailed focus on anything remotely important or meaningful at all.

Now, the folks at CNN who are all driven by advertising dollars would likely say that they show what people want to see, but I find this hard to believe. If this morass of titillating hearsay is what people do claim they want to see, is this because we actually desire to see it or because we don’t know the alternative? I know it sounds like I’m condemning the whole American public (I don’t mean to), but if this is what America chooses to know about then we have given up all pretense of being a democracy. We cannot self govern if we are ignorant of the world. We cannot make choices if we don’t know our options. But frankly, I don’t think that this is what the American people want; I think we are smarter and more sophisticated than that. I think, instead, that the American viewer watches the best among lousy options and they are not given the choice to observe quality news programming at all. (Except on PBS — sometimes — but that brings up class issues that I will put aside for the moment.) Given the choice, would Americans watch (or maybe even read) real news? I don’t know.

I suspect that part of the lousy programming comes from the lack of money spent on investigating the news. Most of the reports were taken straight off of websites; interns find that stuff for free. But if the websites are the source of news and the news just reports what the websites say, then the websites are going to continue to report just this stuff this because it is what the news corporations identify as important. I think we might be trapped?

So, the question I pose to you today is simple: are the news networks really responding to what American viewers want, or is the deck stacked against us and are our real feelings are hidden under the morass of low-quality options that get labeled choice? As for me, I really have no idea.

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