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What is Philosophy?



 “Should there be Gun Control? A philosopher versus the NRA.”

Recorded March 28, 2013

University of North Dakota School of Law, Baker Courtroom

Jack Russell Weinstein

Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Institute for Philosophy in Public Life

University of North Dakota


Sandra Froman, JD.

Former President, National Rifle Association

This debate was sponsored and organized by the University of North Dakota School of Law chapter of the Federalist Society.

The debate is long: one hour and forty minutes. It begins with opening statements, each about fifteen minutes, rebuttals, and then audience questions. It discusses the second amendment, constitutional law and interpretation (the viability of originalism), the role of the NRA in today’s society, gun safety, libertarianism and numerous other topics. The video has not been edited in any way, other than to include credits.

If you are interested in this topic, we recommend you listen to the Why? Radio episode The Philosophy of Hunting,” with philosopher and hunting advocate Lawrence Cahoone.

A text copy of Jack Weinstein’s opening statement can be read on PQED or downloaded as a PDF document.

As always, welcomes your comments below or on the YouTube.

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