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What is Philosophy?


It has been a heck of a week here at PQED and Why? Radio.

We had to cancel our planned guest on Why? Radio and reran our interview with Daniel Goldhagen called “How to Think About Antisemitism.”

Two days later, our host, Jack Russell Weinstein received an antisemitic screed via email. He responded on this blog in, in the words of one religion scholar, an “amazing calm” and “powerful” way.

It took a lot out of him.

Then yesterday, the world found out that Jack is the only North Dakotan listed on Professor Watch List, a website dedicated to surveilling professors who, they say, “promote anti-American values:”

We feel a little exposed right now. We are looking over our shoulders a lot.
But we will not be intimidated. We will not be silenced.

We have received lots of messages of support in response to both events and most everyone asks the same question: “what can we do?”

The answer is actually quite straightforward: donate to Why? Radio and help us keep it on the air.

Click here to donate

Whether you are a Trump supporter who is uncomfortable with the hatred and mayhem that has been unleashed against your best intentions, or a Clinton supporter who disapproves of it all, Why? Radio has the conversations that will help you discuss the hardest issues.

Maybe you are an independent who is suspicious of corporate voices or a libertarian who values freedom of speech. Why? Radio, has no advertisements or corporate sponsors, and we celebrate instead of criticize every guest’s position regardless of their political orientation.

You can even donate in the name of to really annoy them.

Click here to donate

Why? Radio has many episodes for you to explore. Just look at the line-up for the next three months:

December 11: “Philosophy and Disability Studies” with Anita Silvers

January 8: “Thinking philosophically about the black Church” with J. Kameron Carter:

February 12: Our 100th Episode! “Feminism as philosophy, politics, and friendship” with Gloria Steinem & Suzanne Braun Levine

Are these not THE issues to discuss the political transition we are all experiencing?

And consider these episodes from our archive:

Dan M. Kahan: “Why Don’t People Believe Science?”
David Nirenberg: “How do Muslims, Christians, and Jews See Each Other?”
Mike Rose: “The Intelligence in Everyday Work”
Seyla Benhabib: “Can There be a World Without Borders?”
Michael Apple: “Should there be national standards for education”
Samuel Walker: “Holding the Police Accountable”
Stephen M. Bainbridge: “Are Corporations People?”
James Otteson: “On Liberty and Libertarianism?”

It’s like we’ve been preparing you for a Trump presidency all along.

We also want to remind you of our episodes on the arts and food, because we need beauty and flavor more than ever, and our discussions of morality, education, and philosophy in general because, in the words of Lin-Manuel Miranda, we are looking for minds at work.

Don’t forget this very blog, by the way, in which we:

Offered a moving philosophical tribute to a member of our audience who just lost her fight against drug addiction:

Reflected on the legacy of September 11th from both a religious and an academic perspective:

Showed what Star Wars episode VII can teach us about mass shootings:

And even reviewed Mad Max: Fury Road, our second most popular post ever with close to two-thousand likes.

And much more.

This wide-ranging honest exploration of the issues and our world is what frightens the people of the most. And all of this infuriates the bigots who want to deny those who are not like them from having a voice. There is only one way to keep all of this running.

Click here to donate

Remember, you can even donate in Professorwatchlist’s name and really annoy them. Make their intimidation tactics work against them by supporting free, independent, and thoughtful philosophically-minded voices on the air and on the internet. It’s the most effective way of helping us watch our backs.

Thank you, all of you, for your support and your kind messages, and thank you for listening to Why? Radio.

  Visit for more information and for our complete archives.
Follow us on Twitter at: @whyradioshow

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