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What is Philosophy?


The Philosophy Issue of On Second Thought, a joint publication from IPPL, Why? and The North Dakota Humanities Council is now available online. You can read it on the web, download your own copy, or request a physical copy from the NDHC. Click here. It’s Free!!!

Table of Contents


Philosophy and its Public:
Mediating the War between Philosophers and Everyone Else
By Jack Russell Weinstein


Wild Business: A Philosopher Goes Hunting
By Lawrence Cahoone


Yield: Taking Measure of the Land
By Scott Stevens


By Jonathan Twingley


Why Philosophers Should Study Sports
By Paul Gaffney


Breaking all the Rules: A North Dakotan Philosopher
By Elizabeth M.K.A. Sund


By Heidi Czerwiec


A Lesson in Living
By Jessie Veeder Scofield


By Nancy Devine


Philosophy Goes Popular
By Clay Jenkinson
Again, click here for the magazine.

One comment on “On Second Thought – The Philosophy Issue is now available free, online!

  1. Nancy Devine says:

    The magazine looks terrific. Thanks for all your work on it.
    And…I'm embedding this it on my blog Monday.

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